May 24, 2013

Charley Hitchcock in China?

Had the awesome pleasure to visit my friend Charley in Henan (North of Kunming) for Chinese New Year. Thanks Charley for inviting me, hosting me and introducing me to your family. It was most unforgettable ; )

View from the...dining room? The doors are open in winter, but there's no heat, so I guess it doesn't matter.

Before Chinese New Year you have to wash everything in the house. The family took advantage of a warmer day and hung everything in the courtyard.

The warmest room in the house. There's no running water in the house.
Small laundry is done here, as well as teeth brushing, movie watching and baby bathing.

View from the other end. That's a heat lamp, it's actually quite warm.

Charley and Hannah.

Jane and Hannah

A moment of freedom before the 6 layers go on.

Starting the day. Off with the house slippers and on with the mud boots.
Got to dump the chamber pots and boil water for the days supply in the house.

Outside sink.

That's one of two fire stoves next to some outside storage in the courtyard.

Charley doing laundry. You have to switch from the rinse bowl to the spin bowl and then back again.
It can make your hands really cold if it's snowing.

Charley's favorite past-time: de-linting every sweater in sight.

View from the courtyard into the kitchen and bedroom for the mom. You can see a gas stove to the left and the other
wood stove to the right. The wood stove goes through the wall and heats the bed inside.
This room is not connected to the main house.

Jouzi (dumpling) day. Yes, day. It is quite the process.

Mother and son.

She was a pro-master. I can't tell you how many poor little dumplings fell prey to my uneducated hands.
Don't worry, they pointed out every mistake and fixed most of the ones I made, haha.

We made about 6 to 8 of these plates.

Chinese New Year means you get all the ancestor's photos out so when people come and visit on the big day they can
bow, to the little shrine you set up, to show their respect and honor for your family.

Everyone had to be extra clean for New Years, with new clothes and all.  I even got to take a shower : ) The bed behind her is the one the wood stove outside heats. If I got bored or cold I would go and lay in bed with her (Charley's mother-in-law). At first it was strange to me that whenever you went into a room where people were they were in bed together. After a day or so I got used to it (when you're cold, you're cold!). 

Charley's father-in-law made every day better.
He was such a peace maker and happy guy.

Angry bird slippers are a must. Slicing carrots for the stew that we ate....everyday....for lunch and dinner.
I thought it was delicious (I'm so glad).

Not sure what the green thing is.

Someone please ask Charley to tell you his theory about these cookies, lol! Please.

This guy was such a servant, Charley's brother-in-law.

10 minutes from the house is this stunning view/park.

Charley brought a lot of camera equipment to China. I was glad we were able to use it. 

We made hot toddies, bought cookies (Chips Ahoy in China?!?!) and enjoyed this amazing sunset view.
Such a pretty place.

Fun times!

After sitting up in bed being awakened by an awfully loud noise, we went to see what the commotion was.
Kevin missed the black coat memo.

This hair. Not what all the commotion was about, but definitely picture worthy. 

Everyone wearing white and the woman covering their faces. I was hoping it was a wedding, but it was a funeral.
I couldn't tell at first because no one was crying or anything. 

The very loud band. 

This lady was precious. I'm wearing all the clothes I brought, practically. Having just come from a beach in Thailand...

Getting a tour of the public toilets, they're basically just holes.
There is no indoor plumbing, which, in winter, can make for a very cold bum.

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  1. I miss you so much!!! HOpe you are having a wonderful time.
    love, Kimberly