March 17, 2014

Guangxi Mountains Near Bama II

Took another trip to Nanning and then into the mountains near BaMa, known for the water that makes you live longer.... who knew? This trip was really unlike last time because it was so overcast. I enjoyed the new conditions because I felt the feel of the places changed and so the photos did too. Thanks again Em for taking me to these awesome places.

Weird robots at the bus station.
Cloudy this time. 

First pavilion I've ever seen in China.

Door/gate 1

Door/gate 2
Door/gate 3

Door/gate 4




Their drinking water.... and everything-else water. 

Trees against the overcast sky.

The dark kitchen.

Front yards here tell stories of their own.

Drying corn.

Drying shoes.

Giving gifts.

Sweet lady working in the garden.

This represents some of the hardest work, I think. Terrace farming beautifully done.

Driving away.



Taking pictures and then showing them really helps to break the ice and then they don't run away.

Our trusty guide. 

Love this picture and this friend!

Checking the water source and conditions.

Design is everywhere, those edges...

Dreamy caves.

Kissing rocks.

It's like a different world in there.

Colors and textures come alive and speak for themselves, the rock their canvas.


Cloudy cloudy.

This girl can keep you laughing for hours!

The feeling of Asia. Blossoms with mountains in the background, a soft glow.

One man and all that work.

Second floor home.

Rooftop audience.

Best mode of transport in these parts.

Strange layout.

Drying flowers, drying shoes.


Just had a bath? I think roosters are so beautiful, just not when they wake you up so early.

Bahhh, cuteness everywhere! 

That baby isn't really fat, but all those clothes!! Just one of the thousand things that are so different in culture here.

Making friends.



Woody and his shop.

What?? I kind of wanted to try it...again.

Street barbecue abounds! 

My favorite!

Everyone is out on a Sunday afternoon.